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Creation of complex offers quickly and transparently

How long does it take until you have found all the positions for your offer? In how far can you be sure that the information you provide is comprehensive? How often do you receive enquiries from receivers because something remained unclear?

These questions are ultimately related to the efficiency of your entire offer process. It depends on the ability to achieve optimal results with a minimum amount of effort and thereby rule out potential sources of error from the start.

Because a clearly structured, transparent and consistently created offer, down to the last detail, is a calling card for your business, the importance of which should not be underestimated. Make sure that your competitive advantage already begins in your offer!


AKIOMA provides you with assistance during the entire process:

  • You can quite comfortably put together your offer by using drag & drop. And you don’t have to worry about whether the individual positions have been completed. Information saved in AKIOMA Product Management is automatically adopted, including all links and hierarchical allocations.
  • Information saved in third party systems (such as ERP), such as customer-specific special discounts, are automatically taken over in the creation of the offer. AKIOMA always accesses the current data status of the other systems as well as transmitting all changes made in AKIOMA automatically.

  • When the offer has been completed, the text document, for which you simply have to select the appropriate template, is generated through the click of one button. Here placeholders for text and image fields are predefined, so that your offers always remain visually consistent. This also goes for versions created in foreign languages of your choice.