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There is a lot of potential hidden in your contact data – use it!

How well do you know your business contacts? Which details really matter? How can you guarantee that your information and communication routes always lead to the right receivers?

The more complex an organisational structure, the more difficult it is to allocate individual people correctly at all times and to make meaningful use of contact information. Depending on the situation, one and the same contact can already be a customer of yours but simultaneously also merely a prospective customer. There is a correspondingly large difference in the correct way to address these customers.

Truly helpful contact management is therefore not merely a pure information data base.  It is rather a strategic tool which places your activities in marketing, sales and overall communication on the right track from the very start.


That’s exactly what AKIOMA Contact Management is about:

  • By means of drag & drop, you can move every individual contact to any number of places in the overall organisation. You can also assign your contacts different roles in different positions (e.g. customer, supplier and/or prospective customer). Thus you make sure, from the very start, that there are no role conflicts in terms of the way you address these customers.
  • Changes can be made in a particularly efficient way in AKIOMA. You can choose whether you only want to change contact information individually or apply it automatically to all superordinate and subordinate contacts that are also affected. In this way, you save a lot of time and are guaranteed completeness.
  • When planning communication activities, you can also flexibly determine whether you want to attend to one specific contact or all the links. For example, if you are addressing a mailing to a higher level in the organisation, you automatically reach all the allocated contacts on the levels below. And vice versa, you can also do this by starting with an individual contact and moving to all the superordinate levels.