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Software development with power and convenience

The SWAT framework is the technological basis for AKIOMA Offer Management – and much more. SWAT is also a development platform which you can use to individually extend AKIOMA’s range of functions and fully implement new applications for your business processes.

SWAT relies on multi-layer technology with service-oriented architecture (SOA). The database and 4GL programming language were created by Progress. The UI can be used with all established web browsers and resembles a native Windows client with regard to look & feel. An application server is responsible for client server communication.

The most important features of SWAT in detail:

  • SWAT combines the familiar strengths of business logic and the Progress database with the practical benefits of a web UI.

  • The OpenEdge Reference Architecture by Progress (n-tier/stateless app server) is applied.
  • The UI logic is supported in the repository so that very little logic is required in the web frontend itself.

  • Access to the business logic is integrated in the web frontend. All information about the data relationships come together in the backend.
  • High performance search and filter functions are available for all database fields.

  • Access management can easily be applied to field and data levels.
  • Large range of additional function, e.g. drag & drop in the tree representation

  • Online shop application on the same database (HTML frontend)

  • Release stability by means of template customising

  • Open interfaces through SOA