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The rules are yours for the making!

AKIOMA Rules! is the software for implementing any number of business rules,

on a standalone basis or integrated into ERP systems. By means of an interface which can be intuitively operated, requirements are linked to suitable actions.

Therefore, even complex rules can be implemented without any programming knowledge whatsoever.

Of course you may also adapt AKIOMA Rules! to suit your individual needs, therefore saving costs and time. The updatability and release stability of AKIOMA Rules! is of particular significance in this regard.

For example, when creating an offer you are provided with the option of defining an approval test which specifies that offers with a total discount of more than 10% are approved by the team leader, whereas offers with a total value of more than € 20,000 have to be approved by the management.

The software calculates all possible constellations and therefore prevents rules which contradict one another from being implemented.

With AKIOMA Rules! you can significantly increase the quality and speed of your processes and guarantee that the sales activities of your staff remain customer-oriented and pro-active.

Progress Software, situated in the US with more than 1600 employees worldwide, calls AKIOMA a promising and trend-setting application - especially when combined with the modules AKIOMA BPM (business process management) and AKIOMA Rules! (tool to apply business rules).

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