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The comprehensive solution for the sales of products requiring explanation

AKIOMA Offer Management is the software which will enable you to add even more efficiency to your sales processes. Especially when dealing with extremely complex products and services, AKIOMA is able to demonstrate a special strength: comprehensive integration of offer creation, product management and contact management. This gives rise to a continuous workflow right up to the finished offer: with clear and consistent content, flexible and transparent application down to the last detail (also due to generating versions in the language of your choice at the click of a button).

AKIOMA Offer Management is available as a classic on-premise or cloud solution. Working with AKIOMA is child’s play. You can access AKIOMA with a web browser (of your choice) and are able to work continuously on a user interface which you are used to through, for example, the familiar visuals from Windows/Office programmes: folders and files are displayed by means of a tree structure, windows open and close, files are moved back and forth by means of drag & drop etc.

Learn more about how you can benefit from AKIOMA in your sales process on the following pages.


Offer Creation

Product Management

Contact Management