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Simply better at teamwork

Product maintenance, contact management and offer creation: in AKIOMA there are no isolated process and data islands. All the necessary information is available in the form in which it can be used at every point in the workflow.

This only works by means of a philosophy with the highest possible degree of openness – within the solution itself and in interaction with third party systems. Only then can potentials be fully exploited in dialogues with customers, suppliers and prospective customers, and so on: where are the starting points for cross-selling? What must the offer look like in order to ideally suit the order history of the receiver? Which product details should come to the fore so that the opposite party shows interest?


AKIOMA Connect guarantees maximum transparency and flexibility in the flow of information:

  • AKIOMA Connect includes a few hundred predefined interfaces to all established systems and manufacturers: SAP, Microsoft, ERP, e-mail, CMS, CRM, DMS, etc. Therefore AKIOMA can always be smoothly integrated into an existing system landscape.

  • The platform acts as an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and uses exclusively open standards such as XML. New interfaces (such as for historically developed individual applications) can be easily created on this basis.

  • AKIOMA Connect provides a consistent data base for all offer, product and customer-related processes. Data usage restrictions due to format do not exist.
  • In order to use AKIOMA Connect, you do not need any complex integrations and adaptations. The tool forms an inherent part of AKIOMA and simply has to be licensed before it is used.