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Dynamic Configuration Forms- quick and easy


Significant reduction of development time

With AKIOMA Config! and AKIOMA Rules! you have the right tools in your hands to easily and quickly deploy complext configuration forms - without having to touch any code.

Your business analyst defines questions and multiple-choice queries which are combined to a page. The pages themselves are then grouped to a form. AKIOMA Rules! uses an intuitive Excel like user interface to define rules which decide whether a question or an option will be displayed or not. In fact AKIOMA Rules! does not only control the configuration but also the entire user interface including all elements.

Deployment of forms with extensive features

For the creation of your configuration forms we provide you with all elements of a modern web form, so that your configurator can be perfectly integrated in each and every web environment in order to create a consistent user experience.

To avoid type errors AKIOMA Config! uses a huge amout of predefined formats with integrated field validation. Multimedia elements, pictures and formated text assist the user by helping to select correctly. Thus a consistently high data quality can be achieved while the output result is precisely tailored to the user.


Error-free Creation and Maintainance

AKIOMA Config! not only accelerates the development of browser-based and rules-driven applications but also allows you to easily and quickly adjust, extend or maintain your configurator by means of an integrated versioning. With a start- and end date you can control the currentness of each element.

The AKIOMA Rules! Rule Validator checks all rules to find and correct rules automatically which are in conflict to each other. Thus it´s impossible to publish a configurator which would deliver an incorrect result.


Full Integration into your system landscape with AKIOMA

For each configuration dialog a vocabulary can be freely defined. Entities, attributes and relations can also be freely defined or carried over from AKIOMA or the ERP system as required. Arbitrary relations can be created between the entities.

By the full integration of AKIOMA Config! into your system landscape (AKIOMA, ERP, PLM, etc.) you can use all existing resources from your product management (item descriptions, product definitions, images, etc.) to create your configurator.

In combination with AKIOMA Rules! (a tool for easy creation of complex business rules by means of a patented Excel like user interface), your business analyst defines the rules needed for the configurator in no time at all.

Full Control and Overview instead of Code Chaos

With AKIOMA Config! you have full control over the dynamic of your forms. By classifying a set of answers as dynamic, your business rule can now decide which selection will be shown to the user, based on conditions that you define.

On the other hand the triggered form decides which rules will be executed.

Thus the user is guided through a web form that is perfectly tailored to his needs.