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Make short work of long processing times

With AKIOMA BPM, managing business processes becomes child’s play. By means of a graphic tool, you can move appropriate queries and initiatives to the corresponding positions in the process model using drag & drop. This way, automated campaigns (e.g. sending of e-mails) as well as tasks to be carried out by individuals can be assigned.

Combined with AKIOMA Rules!, a powerful software tool for the implementation of highly complex business rules, you have all the tools to significantly improve the efficiency of your processes.

In this way, the right decisions are made consistently at all times - within split seconds.

Progress Software, situated in the US with more than 1600 employees worldwide, calls AKIOMA a promising and trend-setting application - especially when combined with the modules AKIOMA BPM (business process management) and AKIOMA Rules! (tool to apply business rules).

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